“Top of the Class” GCSE Performance League Tables – January 2015

GCSE Performance League Tables – January 2015

“Top of the Class” Evening Standard – Thursday 29th January 2015

The top five London schools for GCSE are listed as:

Wallington County Grammar School, Sutton

Tiffin School, Kingston

Wilson’s School, Sutton

Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton

Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet

The Daily Telegraph – Thursday 29th January 2015

The top ten schools nationally for GCSE are listed as:

King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham

Langley Grammar School, Slough

Kendrick School, Reading

Colchester Royal Grammar School, Essex

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham

Colchester County High School for Girls, Essex

St. Olave’s Grammar School, Bromley

Pates Grammar School, Cheltenham

The Skinner’s School, Kent

Wallington County Grammar School, Sutton

This list is generated by looking at which schools have a 100% A* – C pass rate including English and Maths and the highest Average Score per Pupil.

There has been a lot of criticism of the most recent league tables, as published by the Department for Education, saying that they are misleading for parents to accurately see what schools are performing well. The following explanation hopefully brings some clarity.

Schools which have performed well in these new measures do the following:

  1. They have ensured that all students reach their personal best by giving them targeted support and have ensured that in almost all cases the ‘Value Added’ is beyond estimated expectations and giving high average point scores per pupil.
  2. They deliver a balanced and rigorous examination curriculum which does not include any ‘unregulated’ GCSEs.
  3. They do not exploit ‘early entries’ as a mechanism to achieve average grades earlier than necessary and do not promote a re-take culture among students. They enter students to ensure their first entry is their best entry, placing less pressure on the student and maximising their potential.

Using these guidelines as a measure for a successful school, Wallington County Grammar School has done very well.

Thank you to all students, parent/carers and staff within the Wallington County Grammar School community who have given so much to ensure that we continue to unleash aspirations and deliver ourselves to the right destinations for a successful future on a global scale with outstanding examination results.


Mr J J Wilden

Headmaster, WCGS

By missgayle1